Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11387276740 Active ABN W H BETTS SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3000 VIC Details
11387989739 Active ABN W.S CUNNINGHAM & The Truste for J & H Cavedon Family Trust Other Partnership 3733 VIC Details
11388099246 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM SPIERS Individual/Sole Trader 2037 NSW Details
11388422587 Active ABN W.F PHIPPS & E PHIPPS Family Partnership 5045 SA Details
11388986849 'Cancelled ABN' WCI CABLE INC Other Unincorporated Entity 0000 Details
11392157422 Active ABN WRIGHTS SUPER FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2480 NSW Details
11392860658 'Cancelled ABN' WILSON FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 6155 WA Details
11393211270 'Cancelled ABN' WORKPLACE CONTRACTORS PTY LTD & SIMON J GROTH Other Partnership 4558 QLD Details
11393511580 Active ABN WILLIAM D CONGREVE Individual/Sole Trader 2780 NSW Details
11393815616 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM HARVEY SHONE Individual/Sole Trader 2594 NSW Details
11394263983 Active ABN W KUA & A NEW & J.J WRIGHT Other Partnership 2017 NSW Details
11395581670 'Cancelled ABN' W & L TRUST Other trust 3195 VIC Details
11397145396 Active ABN WARWICK GREENWOOD JUNIOR FOOTBALL CLUBINC Other Incorporated Entity 6024 WA Details
11397385199 'Cancelled ABN' WAYNE ALEXANDER AND LANA SANKEY Limited Partnership 2484 NSW Details
11397681930 Active ABN WING KIN LI Individual/Sole Trader 3150 VIC Details
11398135233 'Cancelled ABN' WALKER ERIC JOHN & JANET Other Partnership 2506 NSW Details
11398149645 Active ABN WG & HM HOLMES Family Partnership 3264 VIC Details
11399064913 Active ABN WJ & MA BYRNE Family Partnership 3448 VIC Details
11399260690 Active ABN WALSH SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 5000 SA Details
11399692026 Active ABN WEN PAN Individual/Sole Trader 5039 SA Details
11400117540 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM ERNEST CASEY Individual/Sole Trader 3201 VIC Details
11401437041 Active ABN WEI CHEN Individual/Sole Trader 2153 NSW Details
11401719531 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM EDWARD JAMES FISHER Individual/Sole Trader 5264 SA Details
11401991702 Active ABN WILLIAM LAWRENCE WILLIAMS Individual/Sole Trader 3977 VIC Details
11402539364 Active ABN WARREN HAMMOND Individual/Sole Trader 2832 NSW Details
11402597501 Active ABN W & E Helman Superannuation Fund ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3629 VIC Details
11402758723 'Cancelled ABN' WYTON PTY LTD AFT PHIM TRUST Other trust 3122 VIC Details
11403705683 'Cancelled ABN' WEI ZHANG Individual/Sole Trader 6023 WA Details
11404018543 Active ABN WAN YING VALERIE CHAN Individual/Sole Trader 2067 NSW Details
11405416808 Active ABN WENDY CAROLINE ELIZABETH TOSH Individual/Sole Trader 6286 WA Details