Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11330393668 'Cancelled ABN' WAYNE PETER TISDELL Individual/Sole Trader 2606 ACT Details
11330613120 'Cancelled ABN' WARRICK WESTLEY WOODHOUSE Individual/Sole Trader 3152 VIC Details
11331348658 'Cancelled ABN' WEI TAN Individual/Sole Trader 2000 NSW Details
11334964407 Active ABN WENDY ANN STEWART Individual/Sole Trader 5084 SA Details
11335002768 'Cancelled ABN' WARREN LESLIE GILL Individual/Sole Trader 4503 QLD Details
11335383085 Active ABN WAYNE MAURICE LITTLE Individual/Sole Trader 4272 QLD Details
11335920083 'Cancelled ABN' WENDY JAY SPICER Individual/Sole Trader 5126 SA Details
11336286764 Active ABN WOORI-I PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF KOREAN CHILDREN INC. Other Incorporated Entity 3004 VIC Details
11336319364 'Cancelled ABN' WAYNE MCKAIL Individual/Sole Trader 3465 VIC Details
11336842360 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM DIOTH Individual/Sole Trader 4353 QLD Details
11336873912 Active ABN WJ & MA LINGARD Family Partnership 4352 QLD Details
11337283874 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM TERRY TOW Individual/Sole Trader 2600 ACT Details
11338772908 Active ABN WAYNE ELLY FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Investment Trust 3016 VIC Details
11339249064 Active ABN WALGETT LOCAL ABORIGINAL LAND COUNCIL Other Incorporated Entity 2832 NSW Details
11339386645 Active ABN WALLERSTEIN FAMILY SUPERANNUAT ION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 4171 QLD Details
11340152635 Active ABN W E ROBINS ALLOCATED PENSION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 4152 QLD Details
11340757516 Active ABN W.D BAMBER & M.P HODKINSON Other Partnership 2650 NSW Details
11340794079 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM THOMPSON Individual/Sole Trader 2025 NSW Details
11341352580 'Cancelled ABN' WILUNA VOLUNTEER STATE EMERGENCY SERVICE UNIT Other Incorporated Entity 6646 WA Details
11342378277 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAMS SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 4007 QLD Details
11342571916 'Cancelled ABN' WEI XIA Individual/Sole Trader 4109 QLD Details
11342844319 'Cancelled ABN' WYE KITT SUE Individual/Sole Trader 2122 NSW Details
11343962341 Active ABN Whiter Smile @ Ponsonby Dentist Limited Other Incorporated Entity 1051 Details
11344018614 'Cancelled ABN' WORKPLACE CONTRACTORS PTY LTD & KATIE WARRENER Other Partnership 4558 QLD Details
11344192677 Active ABN WAYNE BRYCE Individual/Sole Trader 2060 NSW Details
11344518427 Active ABN WILLIAM JOHN DUFF Individual/Sole Trader 6103 WA Details
11344538850 'Cancelled ABN' WILLIAM ANDREW OWENS Individual/Sole Trader 3714 VIC Details
11344864097 Active ABN WEN SHYANG LIN Individual/Sole Trader 2135 NSW Details
11345596898 Active ABN WALTER DAMIANI TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 6108 WA Details
11345689255 'Cancelled ABN' W B MCEWAN PRIVATE ALLOCATED PENSION Small APRA Regulated Fund 5000 SA Details