Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11362803141 Active ABN ROBINSON SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3496 VIC Details
11363171755 'Cancelled ABN' ROBYN AWHINA SIMPSON Individual/Sole Trader 4511 QLD Details
11363270737 Active ABN ROBSON FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 6076 WA Details
11363531395 Active ABN ROYDEN OSBAN DSOUZA Individual/Sole Trader 3030 VIC Details
11364180416 Active ABN RICK JAMES MOFFITT Individual/Sole Trader 6030 WA Details
11364214873 'Cancelled ABN' R TREZISE & J.K YOUNG Other Partnership 3172 VIC Details
11364367407 'Cancelled ABN' ROBIN MERVYN JACKSON Individual/Sole Trader 6566 WA Details
11364661243 'Cancelled ABN' RYAN CRAIG Individual/Sole Trader 6019 WA Details
11364692746 Active ABN RUSSELL E WELLBY Individual/Sole Trader 4874 QLD Details
11364702105 'Cancelled ABN' ROBERT L ANDREW AND PATRICIA K HAUTOP Other Partnership 5000 SA Details
11364785248 Active ABN RAJBIR SINGH Individual/Sole Trader 4112 QLD Details
11364822514 'Cancelled ABN' RAYMOND NEIL KADDATZ Individual/Sole Trader 4819 QLD Details
11364854601 Active ABN RAMINDER SINGH GILL Individual/Sole Trader 3076 VIC Details
11364965149 'Cancelled ABN' ROBERT REGINALD OLDFIELD Individual/Sole Trader 2620 NSW Details
11365049913 'Cancelled ABN' RAYMOND THOMAS JONES Individual/Sole Trader 2460 NSW Details
11365428232 'Cancelled ABN' ROGER GRAHAM BARFIELD Individual/Sole Trader 5043 SA Details
11365595103 Active ABN RYAN GLYN SUGARS-SIMPSON Individual/Sole Trader 4370 QLD Details
11365684299 'Cancelled ABN' RMG EXPLORATION PARTNERSHIP Limited Partnership 3101 VIC Details
11365782439 'Cancelled ABN' RODNEY KENNETH CARMICHAEL Individual/Sole Trader 7054 TAS Details
11366396095 'Cancelled ABN' ROBERT FARNHAM KOZLOWSKI Individual/Sole Trader 6056 WA Details
11366960034 'Cancelled ABN' R & KM CASEY Family Partnership 6330 WA Details
11367144573 'Cancelled ABN' ROGER J & JACQUELINE A MCFARLANE & TERANCE M & JULIE G COHEN Other Partnership 5606 SA Details
11367197509 Active ABN RONALD B & MARIE C PEART Family Partnership 6210 WA Details
11367223985 Active ABN R U FOURWAYS PTY LTD & THE HANNA TRUST OTHERS Other Partnership 6000 WA Details
11367239791 'Cancelled ABN' RAYMOND ALAN BARR Individual/Sole Trader 3483 VIC Details
11367239840 'Cancelled ABN' R.A FERGUSON & T WOOLCOCK Other Partnership 2880 NSW Details
11367742364 Active ABN RICHARD KENNETH RAY Individual/Sole Trader 2481 NSW Details
11367886954 'Cancelled ABN' RAFE LEE THOMPSON Individual/Sole Trader 4870 QLD Details
11367998086 Active ABN ROMI WEINBERG Individual/Sole Trader 2023 NSW Details
11368009702 'Cancelled ABN' REDAN PRIMARY SCHOOL State Government Entity 3356 VIC Details