Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11369487066 'Cancelled ABN' PAUL AUGUSTINE MCGRATH Individual/Sole Trader 3338 VIC Details
11369487147 Active ABN PR & LM STRINGER SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3585 VIC Details
11370016039 Active ABN PABLO ALEJANDRO PIEDRABUENA Individual/Sole Trader 3199 VIC Details
11370187052 Active ABN P.H TURNOCK & E.M TURNOCK Family Partnership 2577 NSW Details
11370356180 'Cancelled ABN' PERTH WEB PAGES PTY LTD & THE TRUSTEE FOR O'CONNOR NO 2 UNIT TRUST Other Partnership 6066 WA Details
11370849961 Active ABN PRINCES HOLDINGS PTY. LIMITED & The Trustee for 34 HINDLEY STREET TRUST Other Partnership 5000 SA Details
11371138753 'Cancelled ABN' PETER PAUL SUTCZAK Individual/Sole Trader 7030 TAS Details
11371353371 Active ABN PRIMARY MENTOR Other Unincorporated Entity 2795 NSW Details
11371507320 'Cancelled ABN' PAUL EDWARD QUILL Individual/Sole Trader 4655 QLD Details
11371619774 Active ABN PROFESSIONAL CHAMBERS UNIT TRUST Fixed Unit Trust 0800 NT Details
11372087873 Active ABN PAUL MICHAEL WRIGHT Individual/Sole Trader 6302 WA Details
11372162723 'Cancelled ABN' PETER BEAUMONT Individual/Sole Trader 3160 VIC Details
11372436983 'Cancelled ABN' PATRICIA HUNTER Individual/Sole Trader 2480 NSW Details
11372579716 Active ABN PETER A VON EITZEN & JANET L VON EITZEN Family Partnership 4802 QLD Details
11372736052 'Cancelled ABN' PETER MATTHEW NOVAK Individual/Sole Trader 2480 NSW Details
11373247987 Active ABN P A SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3145 VIC Details
11373357467 'Cancelled ABN' P D & P D SAUZIER Family Partnership 6076 WA Details
11373384052 Active ABN PETER DAVID HALL Individual/Sole Trader 6281 WA Details
11373526595 Active ABN PAUL ANDREW USHER Individual/Sole Trader 2576 NSW Details
11373545323 Active ABN PETER & HELEN PETROU Other Partnership 2250 NSW Details
11373545404 Active ABN PATRICIA C GEORGE SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 5051 SA Details
11373635184 'Cancelled ABN' PATRICK KENNY Individual/Sole Trader 4870 QLD Details
11373703953 Active ABN PASQUALE RINALDO Individual/Sole Trader 2176 NSW Details
11373706658 'Cancelled ABN' PRUDENCE FINDLAY Individual/Sole Trader 3178 VIC Details
11373711891 'Cancelled ABN' PAULINE MELVILLE Individual/Sole Trader 6284 WA Details
11373791476 'Cancelled ABN' PAUL STEVEN CHAPMAN Individual/Sole Trader 2530 NSW Details
11374019437 'Cancelled ABN' PAUL BARRY SHILLIG Individual/Sole Trader 4650 QLD Details
11374762440 'Cancelled ABN' PLW SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 6008 WA Details
11375505361 Active ABN PAUL DOUGLAS PHILIP Individual/Sole Trader 4551 QLD Details
11375820046 'Cancelled ABN' PETER ANDREW KELLY Individual/Sole Trader 2460 NSW Details