Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11614042563 Active ABN ODYSSEY PRIVATE EQUITY PTY LIMITED Australian Private Company 2030 NSW Details
11614630634 Active ABN OREANA (AUST) PTY LTD Australian Private Company 3004 VIC Details
11614676005 Active ABN OZ IT SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. Australian Private Company 2147 NSW Details
11615430978 Active ABN OZZIE SOLAR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Australian Private Company 4108 QLD Details
11615750939 Active ABN ON THE MAP PR PTY LTD Australian Private Company 3131 VIC Details
11615791823 Active ABN OCTOPUS CONSTRUCTIONS PTY. LTD. Australian Private Company 3125 VIC Details
11615857433 Active ABN ONLINE TOURISM SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Australian Private Company 3150 VIC Details
11615946597 Active ABN OZ INTERNATIONAL WHOLESALE PTY LTD Australian Private Company 2770 NSW Details
11616072434 Active ABN OTTO WOHR INSTALLATION PTY LTD Australian Private Company 3179 VIC Details
11616323598 Active ABN OZ INNOVATORS (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD Australian Private Company 4005 QLD Details
11616331698 Active ABN OJB INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Australian Private Company 2096 NSW Details
11616547105 Active ABN ONTRAK ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PTY LTD Australian Private Company 2765 NSW Details
11616956149 'Cancelled ABN' OWEN GAVIN BROWNLEY Individual/Sole Trader 6356 WA Details
11617189834 Active ABN Owners of Strata Plan 1723 Strata-title 2217 NSW Details
11618763114 'Cancelled ABN' OTTO REX BARKEY Individual/Sole Trader 4879 QLD Details
11621896744 Active ABN OWNERS OF OCEAN BREEZE Strata-title 6019 WA Details
11625235429 'Cancelled ABN' ORNA NOZICK Individual/Sole Trader 3126 VIC Details
11626052606 'Cancelled ABN' OLGA MONICA TURNER Individual/Sole Trader 5573 SA Details
11628012563 Active ABN OKANE EXECUTIVE SUPERANNUATIO N FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 4573 QLD Details
11631201010 Active ABN O MURATORE & R MURATORE Family Partnership 2132 NSW Details
11632024838 Active ABN OCPS 707993L Strata-title 3028 VIC Details
11632189597 Active ABN OLIVIJ & SIRA FRANCIS TURK Family Partnership 4872 QLD Details
11635642158 Active ABN OLIVER MARK BUCKLEY MAHLBERG Individual/Sole Trader 2450 NSW Details
11636163393 Active ABN OWNERS OF STRATA PLAN 72686 Strata-title 2430 NSW Details
11636402138 Active ABN OWNERS SP16398 Strata-title 2452 NSW Details
11636515144 Active ABN Oakey Redbelly Blacks Rugby League Team Other Unincorporated Entity 4352 QLD Details
11636971746 Active ABN Owners of 16 Torcello Mews Strata Plan 56851 Strata-title 6210 WA Details
11637382648 'Cancelled ABN' O.D DE MATOS & N.R DEMATOS Family Partnership 3081 VIC Details
11637793103 Active ABN O.H ANLEU & E EZHARI Other Partnership 5049 SA Details