Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11517910845 'Cancelled ABN' OOPS SNOWY TOTEM WILD Individual/Sole Trader 2444 NSW Details
11518953100 Active ABN OTWAY SCENIC CIRCLE ASSOCIATION INC Other Incorporated Entity 3250 VIC Details
11519532190 Active ABN Owners of Strata Plan 34561 Strata-title 6430 WA Details
11521597641 Active ABN Owners Corporation Plan No SP 025613X Strata-title 3444 VIC Details
11523011561 Active ABN Olivia Catherine Davies Individual/Sole Trader 3053 VIC Details
11523135340 'Cancelled ABN' OI WAH POON Individual/Sole Trader 2148 NSW Details
11524171940 'Cancelled ABN' OBRIEN FAMILY TRUST Other trust 2304 NSW Details
11526965149 'Cancelled ABN' OWEN DOUGLAS THOMAS Individual/Sole Trader 4556 QLD Details
11527323439 Active ABN Owners Corporation 640626Koc2 Strata-title 3162 VIC Details
11527973821 Active ABN OCEANVIEW SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 5045 SA Details
11532835775 'Cancelled ABN' OLIVER HORSEY Individual/Sole Trader 4000 QLD Details
11533697496 Active ABN OCCHIUZZI PROPERTY TRUST Discretionary Investment Trust 3042 VIC Details
11534258783 'Cancelled ABN' OLIVER TOM PARKE CAMPBELL Individual/Sole Trader 4000 QLD Details
11536052615 Active ABN OPONONI MARIE TE RUKI-PASENE Individual/Sole Trader 4131 QLD Details
11538497616 'Cancelled ABN' OSCAR JIMMY GOLD ARLIDGE Individual/Sole Trader 3071 VIC Details
11538651716 Active ABN ORANGE RIFLE CLUB INCORPORATED Other Incorporated Entity 2800 NSW Details
11539162329 'Cancelled ABN' OLIVE ELIZABETH LOFTUS Individual/Sole Trader 4211 QLD Details
11539434581 Active ABN One Mob Fellowship Wesleyan Methodist Church Other Unincorporated Entity 4702 QLD Details
11539763501 'Cancelled ABN' OLAF ZWERUS Individual/Sole Trader 6210 WA Details
11540997378 Active ABN OWNERS CORPORATION STRATA PLAN 14828 Strata-title 2025 NSW Details
11541215706 Active ABN OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY CATHOLIC CHURCH ST MARYS Other Unincorporated Entity 2760 NSW Details
11542270742 Active ABN OTAVIO JOSE QUILICI JUNIOR Individual/Sole Trader 2000 NSW Details
11542450643 Active ABN OWNERS OF DORIC STREET STRATA PLAN 21092 Strata-title 6019 WA Details
11543056474 Active ABN OIKOS TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 7301 TAS Details
11545305051 Active ABN OLIMPIA LIDIA MERULLO Individual/Sole Trader 5076 SA Details
11547483001 Active ABN OMAR ZREIKA Individual/Sole Trader 2151 NSW Details
11553941924 Active ABN Oliver's Music Hall Inc. Other Incorporated Entity 6055 WA Details
11558966197 Active ABN Owners Corporation No 632972 Strata-title 3181 VIC Details
11562494859 Active ABN OTAVIO DEPERON GALLUCCI Individual/Sole Trader 6004 WA Details
11564422601 'Cancelled ABN' OWEN TUTTY Individual/Sole Trader 3138 VIC Details