Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11416487424 Active ABN OSVALDO DARIO BALLONE Individual/Sole Trader 2165 NSW Details
11417435243 Active ABN OSTER SUPERANNUATION FUND RK & HJ ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 5061 SA Details
11417759798 Active ABN ON TRACK LEARNING WIMMERA INC Other Incorporated Entity 3400 VIC Details
11420307918 Active ABN OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY NETBALL CLUB Other Unincorporated Entity 2765 NSW Details
11424863828 'Cancelled ABN' OWEN MAXWELL SMALL Individual/Sole Trader 2484 NSW Details
11425145104 Active ABN Order of Non-Nobis Templars Australasia Other Unincorporated Entity 2176 NSW Details
11435126890 'Cancelled ABN' O.K BIERNACKI & A.M JONES & C PARPA Other Partnership 3107 VIC Details
11435279424 Active ABN OVERSEAS MARKETERS UNIT TRUST Fixed Unit Trust 3189 VIC Details
11436004919 Active ABN Owners Corporation 28645S Strata-title 3043 VIC Details
11437079389 Active ABN Oakey Reconciliation Group Co-operative 4401 QLD Details
11439630096 Active ABN OYBEK RUSTAMOV Individual/Sole Trader 4075 QLD Details
11440466815 Active ABN OMAR AMEEN Individual/Sole Trader 3141 VIC Details
11442080503 Active ABN OLGA FOLEY Individual/Sole Trader 4490 QLD Details
11445984924 Active ABN OMER HAMAYUN Individual/Sole Trader 3078 VIC Details
11448329863 Active ABN O JEON & J.U SUH Family Partnership 2763 NSW Details
11453849090 Active ABN OGUN YUSUF Individual/Sole Trader 2011 NSW Details
11455338183 Active ABN Owners Corporation Plan No. 609185R Strata-title 3190 VIC Details
11456062890 Active ABN OLDEN FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 6053 WA Details
11456133042 'Cancelled ABN' OOSTHUIZEN D M & I F Family Partnership 4216 QLD Details
11458806015 Active ABN Owners Corporation SP89812 Strata-title 2317 NSW Details
11460740403 Active ABN Owners Corporation Plan of Strata Subdivision No. 24149 Strata-title 3163 VIC Details
11466142660 Active ABN ONDER ARDA Individual/Sole Trader 3782 VIC Details
11466952520 Active ABN Owners Corporation SP 77964 Strata-title 2080 NSW Details
11467716128 Active ABN OTTO & HELEN PONWEISER Family Partnership 4103 QLD Details
11470587966 Active ABN O.M ELLIS & S.A READY Other Partnership 3930 VIC Details
11473934368 Active ABN ODETTE LOUISE NIEDORFER Individual/Sole Trader 5067 SA Details
11476259068 Active ABN OLD PARADIANS ASSOCIATION AMATEUR FOOTBALL CLUB INC Other Incorporated Entity 3083 VIC Details
11480551863 'Cancelled ABN' ORAZIO AND MARIA BUSSO Family Partnership 3072 VIC Details
11480773927 'Cancelled ABN' OCONNELL SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3824 VIC Details
11483294372 'Cancelled ABN' OSVALDO DEI ROSSI Individual/Sole Trader 4883 QLD Details