Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11360186711 'Cancelled ABN' OLINDO LUPONE Individual/Sole Trader 3044 VIC Details
11360203456 Active ABN OWEN JAMES RASMUSSEN Individual/Sole Trader 2463 NSW Details
11360451197 Active ABN OLA SHAHIN Individual/Sole Trader 5066 SA Details
11365451786 Active ABN O & P CONSULTING PRINCIPLES TRUST Discretionary Investment Trust 2219 NSW Details
11365518093 Active ABN ORDON SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2068 NSW Details
11365977336 Active ABN Owners Corporation No 611621K Strata-title 3122 VIC Details
11366889731 Active ABN OWNERS CORPORATION PLAN NO PS615237P Strata-title 3198 VIC Details
11370961293 'Cancelled ABN' OLIVIA ELLY IRMA CROWHURST Individual/Sole Trader 5159 SA Details
11371326916 Active ABN Owners Strata Plan 89896 Strata-title 2500 NSW Details
11377890136 'Cancelled ABN' ORAZIO ETTORE Individual/Sole Trader 5061 SA Details
11382115792 Active ABN ONUR GULER Individual/Sole Trader 3064 VIC Details
11382324335 'Cancelled ABN' O'BRYAN DARREN & BRETT Family Partnership 2780 NSW Details
11385910470 Active ABN OLIVER LAWRENCE DRURY Individual/Sole Trader 2009 NSW Details
11386501403 'Cancelled ABN' ODETTIE NCUBE Individual/Sole Trader 6430 WA Details
11387425364 Active ABN OWNERS CORPORATION PS 713820K Strata-title 3187 VIC Details
11388031395 Active ABN Orthokeratology Society of Australia Other Incorporated Entity 2000 NSW Details
11395143438 Active ABN OWEN SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2450 NSW Details
11396829680 Active ABN OWNERS CORPORATION 63347 Strata-title 2760 NSW Details
11399837048 'Cancelled ABN' OMAR JAOUHARA Individual/Sole Trader 2196 NSW Details
11401601168 Active ABN O/C No.5 PS443550R Strata-title 3227 VIC Details
11404692193 Active ABN Owners Corporation 1 Plan No RP15166 Strata-title 3225 VIC Details
11405356107 Active ABN OSVALDO LEON Individual/Sole Trader 3030 VIC Details
11407878350 'Cancelled ABN' OZ TURKO Family Partnership 2194 NSW Details
11411389019 'Cancelled ABN' OUT OF THE BLUE PERFORMING ARTS INC Other Incorporated Entity 2782 NSW Details
11411594964 Active ABN Orange City Tired Lions Over 35 Touch Football Other Unincorporated Entity 2800 NSW Details
11413850895 Active ABN OCSP 502265P Strata-title 3104 VIC Details
11415538449 Active ABN OCEAN BLUE SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 4556 QLD Details
11416297899 Active ABN OWNERS OF CORDOVA COURT STRATA PLAN 10027 Strata-title 6019 WA Details
11416326952 Active ABN OANH KIM THI HO Individual/Sole Trader 5038 SA Details
11416473012 'Cancelled ABN' OLIVER HARRISON GELB Individual/Sole Trader 2026 NSW Details