Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11372045985 Active ABN N.C BARBER & R BARBER Family Partnership 6065 WA Details
11372548196 'Cancelled ABN' N DAUNGCHANA & P DAUNGCHANA Family Partnership 2204 NSW Details
11372948121 'Cancelled ABN' NEIL ANDREW CALLAGHAN Individual/Sole Trader 3141 VIC Details
11373518738 Active ABN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPEEDWAY RACING INCORPORATED Other Incorporated Entity 5067 SA Details
11374081014 Active ABN NIKOLA KOSTANDINOVIC Individual/Sole Trader 2170 NSW Details
11374343885 Active ABN N CLARKE & S CLARKE Family Partnership 3824 VIC Details
11374776933 Active ABN NISSENBAUM SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3186 VIC Details
11374862264 'Cancelled ABN' NATHAN LUKE LOWE Individual/Sole Trader 2281 NSW Details
11374948685 Active ABN NICHOLAS ROBERT GARDNER Individual/Sole Trader 2577 NSW Details
11375317441 'Cancelled ABN' NEVILLE WILLIAM CUMNER Individual/Sole Trader 4670 QLD Details
11375596685 'Cancelled ABN' NICOLE JONES Individual/Sole Trader 2251 NSW Details
11376314713 Active ABN NATHAN O'KANE Individual/Sole Trader 3228 VIC Details
11376781732 'Cancelled ABN' NEIL ERIC MOON Individual/Sole Trader 2259 NSW Details
11377387612 'Cancelled ABN' NIGEL JOHN HEATH Individual/Sole Trader 3031 VIC Details
11377536155 Active ABN NYASHA TAPIWA MVERE Individual/Sole Trader 6156 WA Details
11377638582 Active ABN NATIONAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA NSW TEA GARDENS HAWKS NEST BRANCH Other Unincorporated Entity 2324 NSW Details
11377683569 'Cancelled ABN' N.M COOTE & P.F HANSEN & D.K JONES & H.D JONES Other Partnership 4558 QLD Details
11378646352 Active ABN NATALIE IRSAJ Individual/Sole Trader 2207 NSW Details
11378677936 Active ABN NATHAN LUKE STANBRIDGE Individual/Sole Trader 2261 NSW Details
11378857918 'Cancelled ABN' NYSSA LEIGH HORTON Individual/Sole Trader 4821 QLD Details
11379831382 'Cancelled ABN' NEIL ROBERT HENRY JONES Individual/Sole Trader 4128 QLD Details
11380076293 'Cancelled ABN' NEIL PHILIP GORDON PORTER Individual/Sole Trader 2530 NSW Details
11380206061 Active ABN NUANPORN BONGKOTSOPIT Individual/Sole Trader 2293 NSW Details
11381227401 'Cancelled ABN' N MULLEY & T MULLEY Family Partnership 2347 NSW Details
11381319319 Active ABN NICOLE YVETTE MOFFAT Individual/Sole Trader 6008 WA Details
11381508983 Active ABN NUTYPE UNIT PROPERTY TRUST Fixed Unit Trust 3806 VIC Details
11381857488 Active ABN NATASHA LOUISE BACK Individual/Sole Trader 6150 WA Details
11382910737 'Cancelled ABN' NEVILLE ANTHONY VASSALLO Individual/Sole Trader 2154 NSW Details
11383085422 'Cancelled ABN' N.E MURRAY & T.M MURRAY Family Partnership 6076 WA Details
11383397234 'Cancelled ABN' NICHOLAS PAUL DAMMOND Individual/Sole Trader 0810 NT Details