Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11404462272 'Cancelled ABN' IAN ALISTAIR EVERETT Individual/Sole Trader 3081 VIC Details
11405255456 Active ABN ISAAC JOSEPH ROWNTREE Individual/Sole Trader 3184 VIC Details
11405435438 'Cancelled ABN' IFCO INDUSTRIES MANAGERS SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3186 VIC Details
11405525316 Active ABN IAIN GREIG HANCOCK Individual/Sole Trader 5211 SA Details
11405620734 'Cancelled ABN' IRFAN DURAN Individual/Sole Trader 2203 NSW Details
11407395967 Active ABN I & R HOOD Family Partnership 3151 VIC Details
11410189846 'Cancelled ABN' I D & A L MCCLURE & D M & D P REES Other Partnership 2234 NSW Details
11411889928 'Cancelled ABN' IANA IUNUSOVA Individual/Sole Trader 3147 VIC Details
11411907338 Active ABN IT MENG TSAY Individual/Sole Trader 3084 VIC Details
11412470855 Active ABN I.J LAMONT & K.J WATSON Family Partnership 4556 QLD Details
11412835852 Active ABN IVAN JOHN DJURICIC Individual/Sole Trader 4077 QLD Details
11413119168 'Cancelled ABN' IF AND KM EINSIEDEL Family Partnership 3860 VIC Details
11415326299 'Cancelled ABN' IAN DAVID SHARPLIN Individual/Sole Trader 5086 SA Details
11415585570 Active ABN IAN CHARLES MEIKLE Individual/Sole Trader 4208 QLD Details
11415649899 'Cancelled ABN' IAN PAUL FRESCO Individual/Sole Trader 2155 NSW Details
11416687974 'Cancelled ABN' IAN RICHARD GOSLING Individual/Sole Trader 6057 WA Details
11416746656 Active ABN INGLETON UNIT TRUST Fixed Unit Trust 3189 VIC Details
11417086052 Active ABN I.D ANDREWS & R.J ANSTEE Family Partnership 6472 WA Details
11422514968 Active ABN ICE SKATING CLUB OF NSW CO-OPERATIVE LTD Co-operative 2193 NSW Details
11423697428 'Cancelled ABN' INDULIS PILSKALNS Individual/Sole Trader 3168 VIC Details
11423967207 Active ABN I & M HERZOG FAMILY TRUST & RODAN FAMILY TRUST Other Partnership 3207 VIC Details
11425696988 'Cancelled ABN' IMTIAZ HUSSEIN Individual/Sole Trader 3020 VIC Details
11427477018 Active ABN I D & S M MCLEAN SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3186 VIC Details
11427711001 Active ABN IAN & SHARYN SIMPKIN Family Partnership 3722 VIC Details
11429131530 'Cancelled ABN' I LIA-NORRIS & S.J NORRIS Family Partnership 4504 QLD Details
11431169089 'Cancelled ABN' IAN JACKSON CARTER Individual/Sole Trader 4207 QLD Details
11432540404 'Cancelled ABN' I.R TAYLOR & G TOK Other Partnership 5081 SA Details
11432642895 Active ABN IERARDI SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3844 VIC Details
11432853992 Active ABN IAN KEITH CLUTTERHAM Individual/Sole Trader 5150 SA Details
11433202357 Active ABN IAN LESLIE BRANDER Individual/Sole Trader 2289 NSW Details