Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11279973685 'Cancelled ABN' FREYA ELIZABETH JANE COLE Individual/Sole Trader 3130 VIC Details
11280571131 'Cancelled ABN' FELIPE GONZALEZ URIBE Individual/Sole Trader 4217 QLD Details
11280967663 Active ABN FRANK TAHERE Individual/Sole Trader 6172 WA Details
11281677952 Active ABN FAST LANE SWIM SCHOOL Other Partnership 4160 QLD Details
11282027980 'Cancelled ABN' FC & JL MILES Family Partnership 4751 QLD Details
11282767451 'Cancelled ABN' FAY PATRICIA MARTIN Individual/Sole Trader 2035 NSW Details
11282933102 'Cancelled ABN' F & M NOCERA FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Investment Trust 5117 SA Details
11284923720 'Cancelled ABN' FIONA CATHERINE CLARKE Individual/Sole Trader 6012 WA Details
11285441655 'Cancelled ABN' FRANCESCA SALLY FERGUSON-CROSS Individual/Sole Trader 2023 NSW Details
11287028558 'Cancelled ABN' FENG YUN DENG Individual/Sole Trader 3150 VIC Details
11287435805 'Cancelled ABN' FRANCIS TONER Individual/Sole Trader 5082 SA Details
11289288011 Active ABN FIONA HELEN LANGDON Individual/Sole Trader 6005 WA Details
11289368346 Active ABN FLOGEL FAMILY SUPERANNUATION ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2093 NSW Details
11289637121 'Cancelled ABN' FREDERICK JOHN MARSHALL Individual/Sole Trader 2062 NSW Details
11289693653 Active ABN F KUCUKKAYA & S KUCUKKAYA Family Partnership 3175 VIC Details
11290076270 'Cancelled ABN' F FANG & Y SUN Other Partnership 3023 VIC Details
11290940632 Active ABN FRANK TEMPORALI LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Limited Partnership 2680 NSW Details
11291054782 Active ABN Friends of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) Inc. Other Incorporated Entity 4311 QLD Details
11292990169 Active ABN FILO SUPER FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2759 NSW Details
11293389305 'Cancelled ABN' F CHEN & J.Y TANG Family Partnership 2206 NSW Details
11293508607 Active ABN Friends of Hawthorn Tram Depot Inc Other Incorporated Entity 3122 VIC Details
11293622380 Active ABN FAIRLIE BETH SANDILANDS Individual/Sole Trader 4815 QLD Details
11295825218 'Cancelled ABN' Fountain Gate Christian Centre Inc Other Incorporated Entity 3803 VIC Details
11295872452 Active ABN FRANCES MARGARET WILSON Individual/Sole Trader 2259 NSW Details
11297068357 Active ABN FAHAD AMIN Individual/Sole Trader 6110 WA Details
11297588480 'Cancelled ABN' FRANCIS HENDRY Individual/Sole Trader 5158 SA Details
11297975110 'Cancelled ABN' FIONA CLAIRE MACLEAN Individual/Sole Trader 6008 WA Details
11298407304 'Cancelled ABN' FELIPE LOMBARDI SALDANHA FARIA Individual/Sole Trader 6052 WA Details
11298751322 'Cancelled ABN' FLY ME TO CUBA PRODUCTION HOUSE Family Partnership 3057 VIC Details
11299437618 'Cancelled ABN' FABIOLA ZULUAGA Individual/Sole Trader 0000 Details