Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11407795956 'Cancelled ABN' ERWIN BERNEY Individual/Sole Trader 2065 NSW Details
11407878431 Active ABN EMMANUEL TAMUNO EZEKIEL-HART Individual/Sole Trader 2615 ACT Details
11407983876 'Cancelled ABN' ENZO SINFOROSA Individual/Sole Trader 3149 VIC Details
11409692750 Active ABN EUROTECH SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 6019 WA Details
11410212926 Active ABN EVAN FAASAU Individual/Sole Trader 2560 NSW Details
11412154232 'Cancelled ABN' E T AND J C SAMBELL Family Partnership 5422 SA Details
11411735505 'Cancelled ABN' ESTELE MELROSE Individual/Sole Trader 2539 NSW Details
11412315616 'Cancelled ABN' ELYCE MEAGHAN SEYMOUR Individual/Sole Trader 0830 NT Details
11412560652 Active ABN ESHAGH SHIRNEJAD Individual/Sole Trader 3047 VIC Details
11412579131 'Cancelled ABN' EMILIA MITOIU Individual/Sole Trader 3028 VIC Details
11412837909 Active ABN ESTATE OF MERIEL BALD Deceased Estate 3146 VIC Details
11414163642 Active ABN EMMA MICHELLE SYMES Individual/Sole Trader 3072 VIC Details
11414922655 'Cancelled ABN' ELKE BRIDGETTE ALLEN Individual/Sole Trader 4560 QLD Details
11415473374 'Cancelled ABN' E HANRAHAN & E.N KILIMANN Other Partnership 4214 QLD Details
11415509711 'Cancelled ABN' EGGLESTONE FAMILY SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 3113 VIC Details
11415588194 'Cancelled ABN' EDWARD H & DELORES E BUGDEN Family Partnership 4610 QLD Details
11416073087 'Cancelled ABN' ELIZABETH MARY HUNTJENS Individual/Sole Trader 5556 SA Details
11416909579 'Cancelled ABN' EDWARD FRANCIS SMITH Individual/Sole Trader 2031 NSW Details
11417967256 'Cancelled ABN' EILEEN MARION LLOYD Individual/Sole Trader 6312 WA Details
11418033061 Active ABN EWA WERONIKA PETERS Individual/Sole Trader 3187 VIC Details
11418186949 Active ABN EMILIA OGOY & JANUSZ WOZNIAK Other Partnership 7030 TAS Details
11418357520 Active ABN ENGELMANN FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Investment Trust 2039 NSW Details
11418650934 Active ABN EVETTE LILYOLELAGI TAVEUVEU Individual/Sole Trader 2760 NSW Details
11419098103 'Cancelled ABN' EMANUEL SCLARR Individual/Sole Trader 3204 VIC Details
11419486654 Active ABN ELI CHARLES BEGGS Individual/Sole Trader 5045 SA Details
11420146647 'Cancelled ABN' EDWIN PARKER Individual/Sole Trader 6166 WA Details
11420271355 'Cancelled ABN' ERIC HERBERT GARDINER ESTATE Deceased Estate 2355 NSW Details
11422753686 Active ABN EFFENDI UNIT TRUST Fixed Unit Trust 3187 VIC Details
11422801595 Active ABN ELIZABETH KATINA ELIOPOULOS Individual/Sole Trader 3127 VIC Details
11422871040 'Cancelled ABN' EATON FAMILY TRUST Discretionary Trading Trust 4207 QLD Details