Alphabetic ABN Index - A

ABN Name Type Location Info
11311991630 Active ABN B.F COONEY & R.M RAYNER Other Partnership 5040 SA Details
11312370477 Active ABN BARRY VERNON O'BRIEN Individual/Sole Trader 6164 WA Details
11312614061 'Cancelled ABN' BRENTON CRAIG FLAVEL Individual/Sole Trader 5048 SA Details
11312719193 'Cancelled ABN' BJ GORDON & DC SMITH Family Partnership 4223 QLD Details
11313269232 Active ABN BART LOURIGAN Individual/Sole Trader 4000 QLD Details
11313525921 'Cancelled ABN' B.M POULTNEY & K.E POULTNEY Family Partnership 6375 WA Details
11313536483 'Cancelled ABN' BHAVESH DOSHI Individual/Sole Trader 2150 NSW Details
11313859117 'Cancelled ABN' BARTLETT'S SUPERANNUATION FUND ATO Regulated Self-Managed Superannuation Fund 2196 NSW Details
11314420717 'Cancelled ABN' BEN JAMES HOWARD Individual/Sole Trader 4305 QLD Details
11314454262 'Cancelled ABN' B BUTLER & B BUTLER Family Partnership 5163 SA Details
11314513138 Active ABN BILLIE AMANDA HOOK Individual/Sole Trader 2601 ACT Details
11314550959 'Cancelled ABN' B.P GEORGE & T.C GEORGE Family Partnership 3029 VIC Details
11315249098 Active ABN BODY CORPORATE PLAN NO. 442966N Strata-title 3000 VIC Details
11315435366 Active ABN BODY CORPORATE FOR THE SQUIRE'S ESTATE Other Incorporated Entity 4064 QLD Details
11316012740 Active ABN BARBARA CAMPBELL Individual/Sole Trader 2600 ACT Details
11316646359 'Cancelled ABN' BEN MARTIN DAWSON Individual/Sole Trader 6014 WA Details
11316696202 Active ABN B.A BAILEY & T.L RYAN Family Partnership 3073 VIC Details
11316747895 Active ABN BIBI SUMIYA Individual/Sole Trader 3175 VIC Details
11317606906 Active ABN BRIAN JOHN & NORMA ELIZABETH HODDER Family Partnership 2228 NSW Details
11317963074 'Cancelled ABN' BARRY JOHN MACNEIL Individual/Sole Trader 4670 QLD Details
11318355346 'Cancelled ABN' BRANDON TERENCE FARRELL Individual/Sole Trader 2566 NSW Details
11318517120 Active ABN BEN JAMES WALSH Individual/Sole Trader 4121 QLD Details
11318851757 Active ABN BRYAN BERNARD DOYLE Individual/Sole Trader 3610 VIC Details
11318960346 Active ABN B & H BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD & D & Y CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LIMITED Other Partnership 2145 NSW Details
11319106448 Active ABN BOUMAN AND WEERTS Family Partnership 3821 VIC Details
11319360394 'Cancelled ABN' BREE-ANNA LINCOLN Individual/Sole Trader 3224 VIC Details
11319694929 Active ABN BENJAMIN DAVID HANCOCK Individual/Sole Trader 6450 WA Details
11319719186 Active ABN BRUCE E AYLING Individual/Sole Trader 4869 QLD Details
11320067470 Active ABN BRETT ASHLEY ROBINSON Individual/Sole Trader 4341 QLD Details
11320313505 Active ABN BRIAN EDWARD JORDAN Individual/Sole Trader 4073 QLD Details